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Hanover, MN  55341
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Quality Excavating

Quality Excavation is much more than just digging a hole in the ground.  


Our equipment operators here at JS Stewart Companies are experienced, efficient, and accurate.  They have an instinctual feel for their work and are extremely valuable resources if there is a question on any aspect of your project.


They operate reliable, job-appropriate, well-maintained equipment and work efficiently with all other sub-contractors on the job.


JS Stewart Companies is also efficient and organized and will handle any special circumstances; for example, finding a disposal site for excess fill or orchestrating several tasks into a tight, time sensitive schedule.

Soil Correction

Soil correction can be a vital aspect of a solid foundation.


The entire staff at JS Stewart Companies understands the importance of having suitable, stable soil under the footing of any structure.  


We will be certain that soil conditions are suitable to accept the required load for any structure.  We can completely handle the removal of any amount of unsuitable fill and the delivery of suitable material to meet those standards.


Demolition is another area of expertise for JS Stewart Companies.

We can handle every aspect of any demolition project.  Before any actual demolition takes place, we can take care of all permitting, MPCA documentation, and utility disconnects.

During the actual demolition, we see to all safety concerns and disposal of all demolition debris.


We are efficient, thorough, and we leave your site completely clean and ready for excavation.

Septic Systems

Septic systems installation is a complicated process that JS Stewart Companies can easily handle for our customers.  


We are licensed through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and state bonded to guarantee our work.  We also work closely with several septic design firms to insure proper placement and construction of septic system.  


After installation, we work directly with the homeowner to familiarize them with septic system care and maintenance, supply them with a handbook, and respond to any alarm calls they may experience.

Sewer and water installation and connection to the structure performed by JS Stewart Companies requires no special scheduling or effort on the part of the customer.


We obtain all permits, handle underground utility location procedures, schedule all necessary inspections, and we see to all special licensing, surety bonds, and insurance needs.

JS Stewart Companies has established relationships with city offices in the metro area and can quickly find the answers to questions about utility regulations and specifications.

Again, experience matters when it comes to facing utility jobs that may surprise with numerous unknown factors, JS Stewart Companies has performed well in the face of many of these challenging situations.

Sewer and Water/Site Utilities
Construction Access/Culverts

Construction accesses and culverts are important for safe access and efficient water control.


JS Stewart Companies will install construction accesses efficiently and handle all delivery and placement of aggregate materials and culvert pipes of all types and sizes.  


We can install stabilization fabric under the aggregate material if necessary, and we can compact the areas completely to avoid any future stability issues.


About JS Stewart Companies​

Since 1995, JS Stewart Companies, Inc. has been building a solid reputation in the construction industries, focusing on demolition, excavation, and sewer and water installation services.  


We accomplish this by treating our customers with respect, and realizing their value to our business. We have outstanding response time to any situation and we take extreme pride and care in our work. At JS Stewart Companies, we rely on our strong reputation for quality and customer service to keep our customers satisfied.  


James Stewart, the president and owner of JS Stewart Companies, has 30+ years of experience in construction, excavation, and site utilities.  He grew up in a construction family, learning every aspect of the trade from his father and grandfather, and entered the family construction business as a teenager.  



JS Stewart Companies, Inc
11159 5th St NE
Hanover, MN  55341

763-424-9030 office
763-424-9040 fax

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